[rán qì]
    natural gas

natural [nætʃәr(ә)l]
    adj.自然的,自然界的,关于自然界的,天生的,天赋的,普通的,正常的,简单自然的 本位号

gas [gæs]
    n.气体,煤气,毒气,汽油,[矿]瓦斯 [军] Gunners Auxiliary-Sight,炮长辅助瞄准镜


Gas generator rocket can pressurize a high-pressure feed system.
The gas is our profession.with the precise scientism and the will of establish a business we absorb the advanced technology and experience of home and abroad.with the plenty practical experience and success we will offer a wide range of products and reliable servieces to its customers.we will do ourbest for the development of energy sources industry.
Gas stove and roomy working space.
The strength tightness and corrosion resistance of all equipment and pipes shall meet the requirements prescribed in the relevant technical specifications.such facilities as detection alarm for the flammable gas and toxic gases shall be equipped at proper positions so as to facilitate provision of information and treatment in a timely manner once any leakage of the flammable gas and toxic gases occurs.
We monitor and control safe gas consumption!
The fuel gas appliances mean stoves water heaters water boilers warmer boilers air-conditioners and other appliances using fuel gas.
A flammable gas obtained by cracking petroleum; used in organic synthesis.
The theory of finite time thermodynamics is used in the analysis of an endoreversible closed intercooled regenerated brayton cycle coupled to variable temperature heat reservoirs.the analytical formula about power density of the cycle is derived.the effects of thermodynamic parameters of the cycle on the power density are analyzed by numerical calculation.
The prime mover may be a gas reciprocating engine.
Prime mover qualifying symbol.gas turbine or reciprocating engine can be specified.
In areas in which bonded flanges are spot-welded in an unhardened state suction devices must be used due to combustion products.
The methods of physical testing and chemical analysis are introduced for quality inspection on thermal barrier coats of the high temperature parts used in gas turbine power station.
A new type heat carrier pyrogenation was designed independently to solve the heating problems of the heat carrier in the course of bio-oil preparation with the design theories and methods of the fuel and gas boiler and pneumatic conveying combined which laid a foundation for the project popularization and actual application.
This process was developed in england by the brothers of c.w.and f.siemens and in france by the brothers mantin.the open hearth is a regenerative furnace working on the principle of using heat contained in waste combustion gases to preheat the incoming combustion air.
A noncombustible gas that consists of a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen found in mines after fires or explosions and incapable of supporting life.