to cross a river
    to aid or relieve
    to be of help

cross [krɔs]
    n.十字,交叉,十字架,十字形物 adj.交叉的,相反的,乖戾的 v.使交叉,横过,勾划,错过,反对,杂交

aid [eid]
    n.帮助,援助,帮助者,有帮助的事物;vt.资助,援助,帮助;Association Identifier,相关标识

help [help]
    n.帮忙,补救办法,助手,治疗,<美>佣工 vt.帮助,助长,接济,治疗,款待 vi.有用,救命,招待 [计] 显示命令格式的简短概述


Camerer ho and chong. "A cognitive hierarchy theory of one-shot games and experimental analysis." Forth qje.
Once her monetarist policies took hold britain would be back on its feet.
To guarantee the planned growth rate we must manage production well ensure quality and seek economic and social returns.
As a meaningful example the incident of malachite green has done much harm to eel-exporting business in such key farming regions as the provinces of fujian and guangdong resulting in a serious setback in their fishery economy and a possible reshuffle of their fishery industry.
For more than a century the growing of sugarcane for production of raw sugar has underpinned the prosperity and economic stability of communities along australia's sub-tropical east coast.
As a result of these tragic conditions a militant minority exploiting human mores and misery was able to create po1itica1chaos which until now has made economic recovery impossible.
Only35% of the land area of a sez must be used for production.
The object being control or moderation of economic depressions.
During1946 the dike might have been closed but nationalist generals were transporting troops north through honan on a railway over the dried-up river bed and they interfered with unrra's work.
Ibon foundation a socioeconomic research think tank placed the estimates of foregone revenue from tariff reduction at p100billion a year.
A wordy article by a pseudonymous author on the second page of the party's mouthpiece the people's daily has just been used to deliver a message of defiance in the face of mounting public criticism of the country's economic reforms.
Some analysts say the move amounts to a diplomatic power play with beijing leveraging its growing economic might and unsettled emotions from the war era to assert itself as asia's leading political power.
Some analysts expect a double-dip recession with growth fading again after a short-lived boost from the fiscal stimulus around midyear.
How some new liberalists influence the reform? How some mainstream economists misguide the reform?
An insurance contract in which an agency guarantees payment to an employer in the event of unforeseen financial loss through the actions of an employee.