[ōu méng]
    European Union

european [juәrә'pi:әn]
    adj.欧洲的,欧洲人的 n.欧洲人


Private renting consequently is a tenure of around the same size as owner-occupation by far the highest share in the eu and only surpassed by switzerland.
All community member states are charged with taking all appropriate measures to ensure that the same provisions are made applicable to penalise an infringement of a cpvr as apply in the matter of an infringement of a corresponding national right.
The government and other officials in turkey have in the past criticized christian missionary work here while the european union which turkey hopes to join has called for more freedom for the tiny christian minority.
To mark this I am raising the eu flag alongside the union jack in the british embassy.
As to stress on the transaction and cooperation in the field of farming technology the7th china yangling high and new scientific and technological farming achievement fair is held from the5th to9th of november in yangling of shaanxi rectified by the national state council and16national ministries including the ministry of scientific and technological the ministry of education and the ministry of farming and shaanxi people's government and so on with the sponsorship of the united nations
I took part in one negotiation with one french company for exploration the reserve of nature gas whose storage is equal to the total wastage of europe union in inner mongolia.
The old member states by comparison handed out state aid worth only0.39per cent of gdp during the same period.
Only43% of the housing stock is owner-occupied the lowest share in the eu.
After its own antitrust authority and the eu approved e.on's proposal in april the government's obstructionism intensified.
Under a compromise countries could either exchange tax information or deduct a withholding tax on the offshore accounts of eu members and remit it in bulk to the investors'home tax authorities.
In the early period of the policy enforcement the cap played a positive role to change the situation of agricultural supply shortage in eu by taking interior price support policy.
Great wall has targeted the eu's poorest and newest members as test markets for their eventual arrival in western europe.
These findings are contained in the european commission's first "state aid scoreboard" dedicated to the10new members.
Claims that this club has been unable to function since2005seem overblown.
The automatic licensing system will be maintained for another year however as eu's commission has a right to reimpose limits until the end of2008.