[ōu shì]
    in the European style

european [juәrә'pi:әn]
    adj.欧洲的,欧洲人的 n.欧洲人


We are manufactory and factory price and the factory is in jiangsu province and we have a long time experience for interior decoration& furnishing and the product export to euro& middle east.and finally thank you support us!
We can offer you the following products: europeanism courtyard gate stair railing balcony guardrail bounding wall guardrail highroad guardrail steel wood furniture ad sign and carries on the non-standard equipment through your design with multi-breeds and fine styles.
Some girls affect european-style dress.
Of all the pictures that customers could choose as a background to be photographed against the most popular was a bright yellow and blue european-style fitted kitchen.
On the assumption of continuous dividend of shares award we'll establish such a model in the way that continuous dividend rates is attached to shares option pricing in jump process and work out the formula of average relationship between the rising and falling option and european rising option pricing all through martingale theory and stochastic analysis.
Like as we have already said a norse medea she slew her own and atli's children.
The arc decoration and various european-style lines at the top of the main entrance are consistent with the appearance of the fire fighting station.
Our company belongs to the nature of type of production workshop area has the square metres more than7000 covers an area of the square metres more than ten thousands possess the employee person more than200 company produces modern various really wooden furniture padauk classical furniture chinese styles and europe types mainly various woods are carved bamboo woodwork skill is tasted and so on.
Big arcs are designed four-in-one steel structure euro-style model of classics harmony and natural world of annotation family.
The company mainly manages: each kind of import domestically produced stone the different molding the decoration craft board the sculpture in the round the relief the line carve and the city botanical garden sculpture the ancient temple the image of buddha the character the animal carving center western-style place and so on memorial park western-style construction carving instalment as well as glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Guangdong tianlang furniture co. ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing high-class european-style furniture the form complete set of hotel furniture and the form complete set of noble villadom furniture.
Ombre de la statue de shakespeare sur le boulevard haussmann
The triangle inequality principle not only may improve the sequential algorithm all the algorithms that measure dissimilarity based on euclidian distance the redundancy of distance computations may be avoided through the triangle inequality principle k-means is a popular partition cluster algorithm the article avoids massive distance computations to save the running time by using the triangle inequality principle similarly.
Shuangliu guangdu road pedestrian bridge is a three-span partial prestressed continuous rigid frame bridge possesses europeanize architecture style outside.
We ponder over the roots of the eurostyle introduced by chinese architects and westerners alike.