(to play) one's part
    one's role
    one's duty

play [plei]
    n.游戏,比赛,运动,赌博,剧本 v.玩,扮演,播放,进行比赛 v.播放

one [wʌn]
    pron.一个人,任何人,一方 num.一,一个 adj.一方的,某一,同样的

duty [dju:ti; (-) 'du:ti]


Based on the analysis we can conclude that the meaning construction in jueju text involves five kinds of mapping and one type of mental space construction.cross-space mapping in jueju text consists largely of mapping with one hidden input mapping in sharp contrast metaphorical mapping analogical mapping and embedded mapping.
Cost optimization of common products in distribution network;
With a textual analysis of the contemporary russian ecoliterature this paper examines its messianic consciousness and ecological eschatology.
I shall endeavorto do my duty.
Assist manager to make maintenance cost analysis.
Cells of the procambium and ground meristem are more vacuolate than those of the protoderm.
New record of species: parlatoria ghanii hall& william 1962.all the type specimens of new species are deposited in the entomological museum northwest agriculture& forestry university yangling shaanxi china and shanghai institute of plant physiology and ecology chinese academy of sciences respectively.
Core drilling is also commonly used to create holes for routing cables or placing anchoring bolts installing load carrying devices or dowel bars or for concrete sample analysis.
"And" thought frank miserably "probably talking about me too for letting her act so unwomanly."
Methods: sixty eight low extremity specimens were taken from fresh cadavers.the arterial distributions of the foot were observed by perfusing red latex barium sulfate chinese ink and10% gelatin also studied by x ray angiography and microdissection.
According to the distribution of chinese single-character after word segmentation in chinese text and the conception of "non-multi-character word error" we proposed a group of rules to find errors in texts to construct the automatic error-detection model and to implement its algorithm by combining the scattered single-character bigram models part-of-speech bigram and trigram models.
This paper focuses on how to make the largest profit via the analysis of the detailed account value of the engineering amount the workout of enterprise's production quota and the engineering quoted price the evaluation and control of the engineering cost based on the construction reality.
Implement and redevelop cost center and cost accounting control and provide cost analysis report.
To maintain high generalization ability the most widespread class should be separated at the upper nodes of a binary tree.
In allusion to the disadvantages of the methods we usually use quantile regression is introduced and the goodness of fit is improved effectively.