main part
    the thing in itself

main [mein]
    n.主要部分,体力,力量,大陆,要点,干线 adj.主要的,重要的,全力的 n.[计] 主群组

thing [θiŋ]
    n.东西,物,[pl.] 所有物,用品,事,事情,事件,[pl.] 事态

itself [it'self]


There is no sharp break between the photosphere and the outer atmosphere of the sun on one side and the solar interior on the other.
Relative to the mind of the subject the thing-in-itself as the mind of other people and the essence of other materials is transcendental beyond experience.
The noumenon of a discipline is the u ltim ate foundation for its existence and development.
The aesthetic thought taking'imagination'as noumenon always has held the leading position in china.
Understandings for animal reproduction from two sides of filial and parental generation were examined in128children aged4- 5- 6- and7-year-olds by the interview and the classifying task.
The ontological argument thus has a serious leak and it can hold no water..
So thereby it can be pointed out that marist philosophy is the ontology of social being in this contemporary world.
The viscoelastic properties of a set of star-shaped polystyrenes with4-12arms were studied in bulk by the tensile stress relaxation method.
While in confucian ontology noumenon cannot exist without appearance and faramita cannot be independent of temporality.
Thomas aquinas'theology-philosophy is based on the discussion analysis and understanding of such metaphysical concepts as existent essence existence and thing-in-itself.
The perceptual ontology whose naissance was very important in the history of western philosophy in the early1800s was firstly advocated by feuerbach.
Yi hwang who in general inherits zhu xi's thought develops his concept of "four origins and seven emotions" based on li and qi theory and brings forth his argument on "different origins of li and qi" and yi raises the issue to an ontological height and expounds the difference between "four origins and seven emotions" from an ultimate angle.
A non-contact drive and control method on capsule type micro robot was proposed in which exterior permanent magnet driver was composed of multiple tegular magnetic poles magnetized in radial direction while interior permanent magnet driver built in robot was in the same structure as exterior one.
In allusion to this question the printmaking originator should dip into the society and the contemporary life at first and at the same time pay more attention to the conception trend of their expression with excavating their personal self natural language then produce good works with epoch meaning.
The correct use of the wind box elastic sealing device for sinters and its effect on the working current of the driving motor are described in detail and the anti air leakage measures for the pallet body are introduced as well.