Chinese-English Translation of 木耳


[mù ěr]
    edible tree fungus

edible [edәb(ә)l]

tree [tri:]
    n.树,木料,树状物 vt.赶上树 n.[计] 显示驱动器的子目录结构 vi.爬上树,逃上树

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 木耳

A choice artificial stuffing and field planting jew's-ear variety-'shaan'er3 '
Black food contains this kind of more microelement include chicken of bone of black soya bean black rice black agaric dateplum persimmon black sesame seed black commonly to wait.
The product also gains double attestation of aa class green food and organic food white back agarics gained the "fda" attestation of america food and medicine management office in1998.
The result showed that the adequate quantity of different ingredients with paulownia sawdust as main substrate and their rational combination could significantly enhance the auricularia yield and decrease the production cost.
For example tomato is red spinach is green rice is white agarics are black and sweet pepper is yellow and so on.
The experiment showed that xianggu mushroom auricularia auricula-judae andtremella had obviously suppressing effect to agglutination and adhesiveness of platelet.
Dietotherapy: milk oaten bean curd sesame paste earthnut kelp laver black agaric dried small shrimps river shrimp.
Food source: with pig blood chicken blood duck blood animal blood celery agaric and dawdle are best still have all sorts of lean lean the egg is yellow soya bean reachs its goods sesame seed oar.
Local specialties in wanyuan city are very abundant such as tea agaric mushroom bamboo shoots and bandicoot.
Please keep dried mushroom and edible fungus in a dry and ventilated place.
This paper stated productive technology productive modes productive equipments and technical requirement and managemental patterns of auricularia auricular with full-light cultivation.
The strain2009and the pure culture were used as experimental materials to study the relationship between the pregermination methods of auricularia auricula and the emergence rate the contamination rate and the yield by six methods.
It has luxuriant forest here with various of rare trees such as korean pine spruce manchurian ash birch oak an linden etc.all kinds of wild plant and officinals such as ginseng dengshen acanthopanax fruit of chinese magnoliavine etc.large amount of mountain delicacies such as an edible fungus hedgehog mushroom brake etc.abundant mineral resources such as gold copper iron dolomite and limestone etc.

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