a period of time

period [piәriәd]
    n.时期,学时,节,句点,周期,(妇女的)经期 adj.过去某段时期的 int.没有了


Qingming riverside seene is the immortal classic was drawn by mr.zhangzeduan. A famous painter innorthern song dynasty it is the priceless treasure in chinese painting history.it is a long papergenre painting created with a realistic sleight of hand.painting length: 528.7cm. Width: 24.8cm.it passes the careful description toshow the vulgar life of the city which has confirmedin northern song dynasty and been redivivus the prosperity scene at ordinary times in bianjing vividly.
More than30000people in northeastern japan aged between40and64were quizzed about their height and weight and given a personality test according to a study published in the journal of psychosomatic research.
President bush filmmaker michael moore and lifestyle trendsetter martha stewart are among the world's most influential people on time magazine's second annual "time100" list published last week.
Victoria's state historian has discovered evidence to show that australian-born batman was a criminal transported from sydney to tasmania in1821 who "spent much of his time boozing and whoring" and "had a serious alcohol problem and advanced syphilis and died aged38".
The sorted-out master copy of collected works of yang sichang is the hereditary old copy of collected works of mr.
Hero will compete for a best foreign language film oscar and expectations are sky-high for director zhang yimou and his us$ 30million budget movie.
Gutsy women travel offers everything from weekend mini-retreats to weeklong national and international excursions.
This is an excellent opportunity for must students to study english and experience australian culture and life at university of southern queensland in toowoomba one of australia's premier inland regional cities.
Connections between the left and right hand hemispheres of the brain are faster in left-handed people a study in neuropsychology shows.
... We pay out on the installment plan.
... Anxiously awaiting our answer to the vexed question:
... August13 you could try out the gun and discuss last minute details.
... And it contains a detailed account of the horrors which ended in the extinction of one of the noblest and richest families of that city during the pontificate of clement viii in the year1599.
... A detailed record of their reign.
... Until I was denied tenure.