to expire
    to run out
    to come to an end

run [rʌn]
    n.跑,赛跑,奔跑,运转,趋向 vi.跑,奔,逃跑,竞选,跑步,蔓延,进行,行驶 vt.使跑,参赛,追究,使流,管理,运行,开动 adj.熔化的,融化的,浇铸的 vbl.run的过去式和过去分词

come [kʌm]
    vi.来,来临,到达,出现,来(自),出生(于),开始 int.嗨! vbl.来,到达,合计为


Pls.extend l.c.shipment date until june20and expiry date june30
The person subject to on-site clinical check-up must take the casebook along to have his medical examination at the designated place and during a specific period of time.if the check-up proved that he is free from contamination he can return the casebook to the health and quarantine organ when the detention period for clinical check-up is over.
Our trade agreement with china will expire next year.
We are agreed the expiry date is march the18th.
5.any Person who has been sentenced under this act the foreign futures trading act the company act the securities and exchange act the banking act the statute for the regulation of foreign exchange the insurance act or the credit union act to a punishment of not less severe than a criminal fine; and five years have not elapsed since the completion of sentence execution the expiration of the suspension of sentence or the pardon of the crime;
After his apprenticeship he worked for joe manton the greatest gunsmith in england and a legend in his own lifetime.
After his apprenticeship he worked for joe manton the greatest gunsmith in england and a legend in his own lifetime.but james was not content to bask in anyone's reflected glory.
Bonds are debt owed by a government or a company the holder of a bond is paid interest until the date when the bond maturates then the amount of the bond its face value is paid back.
Zhang mou to a china and foreign countries joint-stock electron company goes to work when taking a plant did not put forward to conclude with the manufacturer labor contract but as oral as the manufacturer agreement the probation that use worker worker is6months expire backsight circumstance decides working station again.
Check answer expire resultless postal company ought to grant first compensate for or take remedial action.
Article10anyone who has received junior college medical training in an institution of higher learning or received medical training in a secondary training school and has under the supervision of a medical practitioner served at least one year on probation in an institution of medical treatment prevention or health care may participate in the examination for the qualifications of assistant medical practitioners.
Reimbursement expires when armour nonperformance reimbursement is compulsory second cannot advocate the hypothec of this car to third but if dealt with pawn at that time register second can seek the seat that reachs pawn advocate hypothec to third.
If the party b intends to the supplementary contract should write in the supplementary contract application within one month before the term of contract has expired.
When getting unemployed insurance gold to expire unemployed personnel is apart from legal and emeritus age to be less than2years via vocational guidance member for many times after professional introduction and vocational guidance still cannot new obtain employment can apply for to lengthen gold of insurance of the unemployment that get to come to orgnaization of obtain employment service legal and emeritus age.
When this contract expires party b may take away the added facilities without changing the good conditions of the premises for normal use.