[yǒu nénglì]

able [eibl]


We must be able to make a distinction between self-knowledge and sin.
I have the ability to achieve a bright prospect.
The world's two most powerful proton accelerators-the500-billion electron volt machine at fermilab and the400-gev super-proton synchrotron accelerator at the european center for nuclear research near geneva switzerland-have the energy to show these effects.
The self-assured gates of1992was obviously a man of his times confident of his industry's ability to change the world certain that the power of markets and new technology once unleashed would address most of the world's ills.
So I was left with the would-be periwinkle who was reduced to wurzburger without further ability to voice his aspirations to perch melodious upon the summit of a valley.
Due to a black hole's suggested funnel-like nature matter travelling through a black hole and exiting through a white hole would be crushed to an immensely dense but small size this would go against transportation because it is very unlikely that a white hole would have the ability to recompose the matter to its original state prior to entering the black hole.
Having the ability to react or feel emotionally; sentient; sensitive.
Ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment.bilingual skills in english and chinese skills preferred.
John considered a young master as the natural enemy of an old servant and young people in general as a poor contrivance for carrying on the world.
It is necessary that drilling vessel is capable of standing still under the action of ocean current wave surge tropical storm and internal wave current in winter.
For her part ms rodin was confident of her ability to change an ossified organisation and see off vocal critics thanks not least to her successful ten-year reign as president of the university of pennsylvania.
It's nitpicking but I'd like a little more of a killer instinct--he has the ability to get40or50 and he's on a team that needs him to do that now.
The tax power enabled the government to finance its war debts.
Until he showed otherwise post-war governments seemed able to tradeoff unemployment and inflation: a long-term statistical link between the two known as the phillips curve after the new zealander who noted it appeared toprove as much.
At length says rousseau "man becomes a tyrant over himself and nature". Can you explain this phrase? Can one tryrannize over oneself? Can one tyrannize over nature?