(there are) some (who are...)
    some (exist)

there [ðeә(r)]

exist [ig'zist]


The following rate shall apply to the plan floor area of usable office space including all office support services:
The amount of energy possessed by a given quantity of radiation depends strictly on its frequency.
It's entirely possible that a web spider could stumble across a database administrator's web page and drop all of your databases.
Is it not therefore shameful that a people accustomed to be conquered a people ignorant of war a people even without arrows should proceed in order of battle against you my brave men?
One word out of turn and the men would hit their children or beat their wives or take it out on them by a violent tongue-lashing.
Mile after mile it was like an invisible force drawing my attention toward the edge of the road where the soft shoulder gave way to thin air. I tried everything I could think of.
A transparent or translucent gemstone with a pearly luster; some specimens are orthoclase feldspar and others are plagioclase feldspar.
A rare hard yellow green mineral consisting of beryllium aluminate in crystal form; used as a gemstone.
A rare polyvalent metallic element of the platinum group; it is found associated with platinum.
A rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some alloys; is obtained as a by-product in refining molybdenum.
Chinese banking stocks were hurt yesterday by speculation they will have to make much larger write-downs on their holdings of us subprime mortgage securities than originally thought.
The chinese latitudinarianism attempted to have a resonance with the western civilization but at the level of the spirit they might be not able to spurn the original spirit totem of their own__the father of the movement can allege pull down the confucianism tradition but actually in spite of they can accept but they still couldnt understand the belief something outside the confucianism.
The original administration system malpractice already day by day was prominent in china and the original pattern already unsuitable new market environment so must reform.
Beijing's effort to host an olympic games untainted by criticism of its foreign and domestic policies has come under unprecedented strain amid growing international outrage over chinese support for the government of sudan.
The high technological training center of job of sichuan university regards scientific and technological entrepreneur professional technician enterprise managerial talent as the train objective rely mainly on short-term course long-term course for complement training method that size combine launch high-level training discussion exchanges and such activities as enterprises diagnose.