[yǒu tiáojiàn de]
    conditioned; conditional

conditioned [kәn'diʃәnd]

conditional [kәn'diʃәn(ә)l]


If it is possible the rooms for gc icp icp-ms should have a buffer area for gas cylinder cabinet and noisy compressor storage; thereby the buffer room will keep the inner area of the room clean.
Conclusion the conditional province and city should set up one's own microbial medicine quality and accuse of the department gather accuse of work make better unit medicine quick result as geology make guidance to clinician's administration.
That makes us calculative and mean and reduces the marriage to a conditional clause: as long as he lives up to his end of the bargain so will i.
Hence there are conditions to expand domestic demand.
Choose suit deserve to act the role of what match with the plant to decorate material to had better choose natural stone material real wood shun the stuff with the artificial overweight trace such as ceramic tile it is ok to be returned conditionally lamp of installation droplight ground lawn lamp wall lamp listen to music to experience night to watch another beautiful amorous feelings at the same time at the same time.
Where possible they should learn specific skills such as driving motor vehicles and tractors as well as some related theory.
Conditional place can establish domestic sickbed for senile patient begin the service such as itinerate medical treatment.
Conditional planning approval was granted.
Conditional word can send fur clothing cleaners and dyers clean glazing also can buy proper motion of leather brightening agent to be fur clothing glazing from the shop.
Capable commercial banks will be permitted to offer consumer credit and will be encouraged to provide some new consumer loan products on a trial basis.
Along with the development of china particularly following the implementation of the "going out" strategy more enterprises with substantial strength and necessary conditions will seek investment abroad and surrounding countries will be among their first choice.
In my desire to cooperate with what I had created I conditionally offered the use of my body and my voice at appointed times and I further stated that if the pleiadians were really real it would be no big thing for them to arrange things they wanted and do most of the work-my smug rationale being that I certainly wasn "t going to waste my time with anything that was not a viable presence.
Enterprises are encouraged to set up enterprise supplementary medical insurance for their employees where conditions permit.
Transient calls may be dropped during a conditional switchover.
It is conditioned to put the right of national self-determination into practic and it should conform to the historical trend of the times and conform to social and national law and match with people's basic benefits and observe the related lawful duty.