[yǒu dàibiǎoxìng de]
    typical; representative

typical [tipik(ә)l]

representative [repri'zentәtiv]
    n.代表 adj.典型的,有代表性的


The sound-absorbing coefficients of14typical fiber materials with different geometrical cros-sec tion forms and sizes are measured and studied.
In the third chapter the author chooses america german japan european community and taiwan district analyzing the legal institution about sidelong price alliance in their law.
Perhaps an anthology even of this kind should be selective rather than representative.more as the man said means worse.
It also introduces the methods engraving and drawing common and representative map projection including the oblique world map projection after rotation.otherwise the author puts forward three kinds of intercepting size programs they can automatically intercept and obtain various map size according to the requirments of map design as they are cooperated with map projection programs.
To obtain a deeper insight into the polychaete systematics increased sampling of representative taxon is promising for the investigation of their morphology life history and molecular phylogeny.
Crotts says improved tlp maps are already pointing to intriguing features on the lunar surface and he is currently preparing a separate article on that subject.
Another classic represented in the philadelphia material were these four stunning large pieces of japanese stibnite.
This paper introduces the key optical devices such as fiber optical amplifier laser and wavelength selective devices and also several representative resource reservation protocols including rfd tag and ibt.
Figure1.representative monoterpenes.isoprene units are shown to indicate the common structural features.
In order to select factors closely related to the prediction and representative samples the factors and samples are optimized using ppr and b p neural network respectively.
The influence of specimen dimensions drawing ratio radius of round angle lubricant height of dropping weight etc.on swe for some typical baosteel if steel sheet used in the automobile industry is studied.
A typical cross-section of the population
The unearthed fermentation containers in that period included small-porthole cuspate-bottom vat which was the most representative object.
Tkatchev stretched jump-over is the most representative movement in horizontal bar.with sony pc330high-speed video camera both the successful and failed movements of liu dinghe were taken and were studied with ariel sport analysis software from the angle of sport biomechanics.the aim is to find out the key factors of each technical link so as to offer some reference to the training of gymnastics.
Representatives of zoroastrianism the ancient persian dualist religion and of nestorianism an eastern christian sect also reached china and established themselves there.