[zuìxiǎo huà]
    minimize (computing)

minimize [minimaiz]
    vt.将...减到最少 v.最小化

    n [U] operation of computers 计算机的运算: [attrib 作定语] a computing course 计算机运算课程


Pit remediation& slop oil industrial water cutting& cooling oils hexavalent chromium acid& alkali with heavy metal content steel mill& electro filter dust spent catalysts tempering salts solvents recovery and recycling sludge treatment and minimization fuel-blending thermal desorption and transfer centres.
For the irrecoverable sensor faults this strategy minimizes its damage to the auv.
Rail seat pads shall provide an elastic support of the rail to reduce impact and vibration effects on the track structure to reduce noise and to ensure a comfortable ride and to minimize the abrasion of the rail seat.
We describe the consistency of erm learning process instatistical learning theory.
This kind of structure incarnates the view of modern risk management that is risk has dual trait the stock fund ought to maximize the return at a fixed risk level or minimize the risk level at a fixed return level.
Minimize the importance of brush aside; jane shrugged off the news that her stock had fallen3points..
Integration of the fixing points in the door frames made of die-cast aluminium ensures easy assembly and minimum tolerances.
Because the ruthenium may be subject to photodegradation the total exposure to the excitation energy should be minimized.
Minimize red levels while capturing audio.
While the calculator is busy computing a large fibonacci number notice that you can freely move the form around minimize maximize and even dismiss it.
The art of sorting for the greatest good for the greatest number and the methodology used in determining the priority for transport and minimising preventable deaths.
The ramsey rule stipulates that to minimize excess burden tax rates should be set so that the proportional reduction in the quantity demanded of each good is the same.
To further enhance efficiency the voltage drop across the tracking regulators has been minimized.
An analysis of supply and demand curve for factors indicates that in order to compel economic individuals to use factors thriftily it is imperative to minimize distortion of factor prices.
Based on the analyses of the investment of nozzle tube net and relationship between the annual operation cost and tube diameter function of a fixed spray irrigation system a mathematic model to calculate the economical tube diameter of a spray irrigation system is developed by using the minimum expense norm and nonlinear planning theory in engineering economic analysis and a direct calculation formula for the economical tube diameter in unrestrained conditions is presented.