to pull
    to play (string instruments)
    to drag

play [plei]
    n.游戏,比赛,运动,赌博,剧本 v.玩,扮演,播放,进行比赛 v.播放

string [striŋ]
    n.线,细绳,一串,一行 v.排成一列

drag [dræg]
    v.拖,拖曳,缓慢而费力地行动 n.拖拉


Bridge to terabithia is a work of children's fiction written by katherine paterson.
"A lot of cheddar cheese today is young slippery and rubbery. It's really tasteless" he says with samples of grafton cheddar that's been aged four five and even six years.
Formalist aesthetics woolf and feminism attempts to build up a theoretical framework through exploring fry's postimpressionism merleau-ponty and lacan's discussion of cezanne's painting and their dynamic meaning of the seeing.
As a derivative of rifamycin rifalazil has a potential effect against mycobacterium which provides an alternative for curing the infections caused by multidrug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis.
The carzy "castellers" of spain built a human tower with amazing precision during their traditional annual festival in the city of tarragona on oct.5.
John farra a former winter olympian from caribou who trained by running up a ski slope with80pounds of mortar mix won the seventh annual north american wife carrying championship on7th oct.at sunday river.
Through silvanus the faithful brother as I account him I have written to you briefly exhorting and testifying fully that this is the true grace of god; enter into this grace and stand in it.
"Banned from returning to his beloved florence in1302 dante roamed from city to city in italy and france from noble court to grubby back streets until he died in ravenna in1321."
Banned from returning to his beloved florence in1302 dante roamed from city to city in italy and france from noble court to grubby back streets until he died in ravenna in1321.
Verrazano an italian about whom little is known sailed into new york harbor in1524and named it angouleme.
From naphtali: ahira the son of enan.
This was proven at the battle of the monongahela river in1755near what is now pittsburgh pennsylvania.
After britain conquered bengal step by step by conquering the feudal states such as mysore and maratha until the conquest of the pindari in1818 britain gradually established a system of subsidiary alliances which built up the supreme dominant status on the states.
In1799birkbeck was appointed professor of natural philosophy in a school in glasgow.
In1819he undertook a daring attack on new granada leading some2500men over routes considered impassable.taking the spanish by surprise he defeated them quickly.