Chinese-English Translation of 大小不等


    to differ in size

differ [difә(r)]

size [saiz]
    n.大小,尺寸,(衣服等)尺码 vt.依大小排列

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 大小不等

The appearance of increased poikilocytosis anisocytosis and rbc inclusions suggests that a spleen is not present.
In this paper assuming that horizontal merger creates productive efficiency changes and firms are asymmetric before merger taking place we explore the conditions that merger is beneficial for firms and examine the conditions that social welfare is increasing as horizontal merger happens.
Through the rational utilization of the mountainous region digging the mountain to fill out the ditch properly to form the plain and tableland with no uniform size more and more residential communities can be constructed with the balance layout of buildings the appropriate scale the matching facilities the perfect function and beautiful environment which also can promote the health coordination sustainable development of city.
Mine run coal; run-of-mine coal ungraded coal of various sizes as it comes from the mine.
In time wilbur conceived an elegant cable-and-pulley mechanism that twisted a flexible fabric wing across its span so that one wingtip could generate greater lift and the other less.

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