collapse [kә'læps]
    n.倒塌,崩溃,失败,虚脱 vi.倒塌,崩溃,瓦解,失败,病倒


The older man had an ugly stance.he was unable to bend at the waist as if his whole back were one solid piece of wood so that he had to incline his whole body forward his arms stretched out behind.
And it passes within twenty au of a collapsing quasar.
A tower crane keeled over and crushed some temporary buildings but fortunately nobody was hurt.
He seemed to see a vision of london vast and ruinous city of a million dustbins and mixed up with it was a picture of mrs parsons a woman with lined face and wispy hair fiddling helplessly with a blocked waste-pipe.
I love you a ni!
A pug-nosed boy with freckles; a snub-nosed automatic.
Similar to shasta salamander; lives in cliff crevices and taluses.
Well bore sloughing is very serious while drilling the coal beds in jurassic& triassic in yiqikelike area tarim basin.in order to discuss the sloughing mechanism experimental study on uniaxial tensile strength and triaxial compressive strength are.
In the fall of the house of usher of edgar allen poe roderick's motivation to bury his sister alive and his final death are eternal mysteries which initiate readers'countless imagination and deduce various explanations.
The geological conditions are very complicated in hejiazhai tunnel which is located in guizhou shuibo railway this tunnel is named "mashed tunnel" with the most difficult geological conditions such as the high dense gas and developed karst and gushing water assembled together the geological hazards like the gushing water and sand the collapse of tunnel surface subsidence and slide cracking of tunnel lining were often happened during construction period.
Subsidence is a primary geological hazard which restricts the economy development of huainan coal mine and causes the environment deterioratation.
The application of resistivity sounding technique to detecting landslide and collapse and the utilization coefficient k technique to determining the type and property of landslide and collapse can result in correct evaluation of geologic hazards thus rapidly and exactly providing geological basis for preventing and tackling these hazards.
Fushan area in chekiang huangyan is found the central area with the sight of grettes rift valley megalith river modern times ice edge physio gnomy a string of beads falling water in east china.
The entire campaign had been badly mishandled.
Taking part in the ten-year programme for reduction in hazards in leshan the au-thor has investigated such geological hazards as rock fall landslide debris flow salinization and swamping of soil surface subsidence and so forth.