A strong tissue paper that burns evenly and is sufficiently porous to control the buring of the tobacco in a cigarette.
After pre-makeup apply a proper amount on the face evenly by using a powder puff or finger.it gives perfect make-up and natural skin tone.
Compared with the typical rapakivi granite yingfeng complex is characterized by smaller exposing area monotonous rock types larger megacryst content even megacryst size diversified matrix texture and obvious deformation and metamorphism.
The design thermal movement associated with a uniform temperature change may be calculated using procedure a or procedure b below.
A piecewise uniform quantization strategy is appled to quantize the luminance shifting.finally.
While the pan is heating in a medium bowl whisk together eggs and season with salt and pepper; incorporate a lot of air into eggs so that the omelet will be light and fluffy.
In order to obtain the tolerance requirement for the magnetic field homogeneity of the solenoids in electron cooling device the source of the magnetic imperfection and its influence on the transverse temperature of electron beam were investigated by means of numerical simulation and taking the space charge effect of electron beam into account.
This paper presents a design method of propeller blade section operating in non-uniform flow field and an idea of equivalent operating curve with unchanged cavitations characteristic on blade section the method for selecting the curve is set up.
Based on unified strength theory the boundary line equation of surrounding rock mass plastic zone under non-uniform stress field was deduced and it can be used to pre-estimate the dimensions and shapes of underground tunnel's plastic zone with different coefficients of horizontal pressure.
The influence of shearing deformation causes the non-uniform stress in the wing plate of the box girder especially the cantilever box girder.
Using ansys as analysis tool and the influence of river water fluctuating on geoelectric observation data in different distance from riverway to geoelectric monitoring observe station is numerically simulated and the relationship between error of observation data and distance from riverway to the stations is summarized.
The wet method of building lining in medium frequency electric furnace is that the lining materials is tamped after a certain proportion of water is added into the refractory materials and then mixed evenly.
To make yarns fibers must be of similar length and relatively uniform so that the spun yarn can be of uniform quality.to accomplish this fibers from a variety of production lots or fields must be blended together.
To make the red-wine vinaigrette whisk together the oil vinegar and mustard in a medium bowl until well combined.taste and season with salt and pepper.
The lips which complete the formation of the muzzle should meet evenly in front.