[jūnyún fēn]
    homogeneous distribution; rectangular distribution; uniform distribution; even distribution; adequate distribution; evenly distribution; hypodispersion

homogeneous [hɔmәu'dʒi:niәs]

distribution [distri'bju:ʃ(ә)n]
    n.分配,分发,配给物,销售,法院对无遗嘱死亡者财产的分配,分布状态,区分,分类 发送,发行

rectangular [rek'tæŋgjulә(r)]

uniform [ju:nifɔ:m]
    adj.统一的,相同的,一致的,始终如一的,均衡的 n.制服 vt.使成一样,使穿制服

even [i:v(ә)n]
    adj.平的,平滑的,偶数的,一致的,平静的,恰好的,平均的,连贯的 adv.[加强语气]甚至(...也),连...都,即使,恰好,正当 vt.使平坦,使相等 vi.变平,相等 n.偶数,偶校验


In order to fast culling invisible data and make result of progressive rendering reasonable a sequential coded quardtree is built with points clouds evenly distributed to nodes of every layer from top to down.
Three sets of epicyclic train were adopted by the robot to be served as the walking components and the adjusting mechanism for the radial dimensions and to be evenly distributed along the circumference.
The results indicated that discontinuity of micro structure of work layer caused by in.homogeneous distribution of chemical composition different pattern of carbide mhomogeneity of hardness lead to large area of spalling and frther scrapping of roll.
Equally distributed gland bolts provide uniform compression of packing.
It then passes through the reed which holds the threads at uniform spacing and is also responsible for beating-up the weft thread that has been left in the triangular warp shed formed by the two warp sheets and the reed.
Commonly the dolomite crytals form a framework with evenly distributed porosity.
Such as to subject the inside of a side wall to a uniformly distributed load of0.6p or such other load for which the container may be designed.
Uniformly distributed in the mold mini internal chiller iron which can changethe solidification property of metal liquid refinery the structure and cause typechange of carbide within some micro-part during the process of mold filling by fillingit in eps in advance results in a significant increase of synthetic property of low-chromium white cast iron produced by epc process.
The maximum stress was on the apices and the stress on the cervical part was lower.
Carbon dioxide was introduced into the wheat bulk stored in a brick silo through a duct system and was recirculated for even distribution till co2concentration to7096in wheat bulk.
According to the uniform distribution of ground reaction and the principle of vertical static balance in masonry structure we can sum up a convenient pragmatic method to adjust strip-base breadth.
The main defects in cbo crystals were growth layers and the main cause of the growth defects were the shaky thermal convection and oscillation of temperatrue which brought about the change of microcosmic growth rate with the time and the disarrangement of particles on the surface of crystals.
Ndlaco also adapts the adaptive idea based on equilibriem of distribution and deal with the contradictory between ants'convergence speed and avoiding precocity and stagnation.
Abstract: carbon dioxide was introduced into the wheat bulk stored in a brick silo through a duct system and was recirculated for even distribution till co2concentration to7096in wheat bulk.
And at the last a model of white noise are constructed via the stochastic process with1-dimensional evenly distributed stochastic process.