Chinese-English Translation of 唉

    interjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!)
    to sigh

interjection [intә'dʒekʃ(ә)n]

grunt [grʌnt]
    vi.(猪等)作呼噜声,(表示烦恼、反对、疲劳、轻蔑等)发哼声 vt.咕哝着说出 n.呼噜声,咕哝

agreement [ә'gri:mәnt]

recognition [rekәg'niʃ(ә)n]
    n.赞誉,承认,重视,公认,赏识 识别

yes [jes]

it [it]
    pron.它;Italy,意大利;Information Technology,信息技术

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 唉

Alas clinton and christine were having their own moment of truth.
Oh you men who think or say that I am malevolent stubborn or misanthropic how greatly do you wrong do not know the secret cause which makes me seem that way to you.
Well she's weaken.
Well I have become reconcile to failure.
。随你喜欢吧。不管如何,我坚持该由你来享有激活火之魔符的荣耀。 you wish. However I insist that the honor of activating the fire sigil go to you.
Alas the pine nuts attuned the grand masters to a sirian dream and not a dream of terra.
Well the chicken's overdone.
Benvolio alas that love so gentle in his view should be so tyrannous and rough in proof!
A piece of crockery smashed in kitchen.'oh Rats! '
But o methinks how slow this old moon wanes!
The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment. B: it's a severe punishment I think. A: yeah because he just killed a man in cold blook. B: no wonder.
Except for concern over the unsatisfactorily small dimensions of amounts of money he has been getting from his father he has nothing to lose sleep over.
His character is perfect but you see he was wounded low down by a bursting shell and it did something to his legs--makes them--makes them well I hate to use the word but it makes him spraddle.
She glanced at the blinding white sun-baked earth beyond the shade. "Ai" she sighed "I think I will have a rest.
Deancain> and I do all of this work out of my home office... no more physical production company.... whew!

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