be bailed out; give bail; put in bail; offer bail

out [aut]
    adj.外面的,下台的,出局的 adv.在外,出声地,显露出来地,明显地,从头至尾地 n.外面,外出,外观 vt.赶出,击倒,使退场 vi.外出,暴露 prep.通过

give [giv]
    n.弹性,可弯性 vt.给,授予,供给,献出,让步,引起,发表,捐助 vi.捐赠,让步

bail [beil]
    n.保释,保证金,保证人 v.保释,舀水

put [put]
    vt.放,摆,安置,表达,迫使,移动,提出,赋予 vi.出发,航行,发芽,击 n.掷,投击,笨蛋,怪人 vbl.put的过去式和过去分词 adj.固定不动的


Breaking news: british pop sensation lily allen has been charged and bailed over an alleged assault on a photographer outside a london club.
Below this kind of circumstance if insurant and policy-holder are same person do not eliminate policy-holder to have the intention that will get insurance gold with committing suicide it is the behavior of gold of insurance of a kind of diddle actually.
Protection measures shall be taken during rebar binding and in place of lining jumbo so as to avoid plastic plate crash and scraping.
To defraud the insurer of insurance money by deliberately causing the death injury or sickness of the insured and other contingencies.
Differential protection tripping can be guarded with overcurrent pickup.
The real threat to america's inflation is not that chinese export prices start to rise modestly but that congress is short-sighted enough to impose protectionist measures which prevent american consumers from continuing to buy cheap chinese imports.
Random access secure communication antijam link;
Policy holder the insured or the beneficiary intentionally create an insurance incident with property loss to deceive insurance money;
Policy holder the insured or the beneficiary fabricate non-existing insurance incident to deceive insurance money;
Policy holder or the beneficiary intentionally causes the death injury or sickness of the insured to deceive insurance money.
The faculty at ball state in muncie indiana has been discussing just how strong of a statement it should make when it votes on a policy next month.
Vehicles transporting goods: closed transport vehicles shall be used or covering measures shall be taken during earthwork slag and construction waste transport.measures keeping the vehicles clean shall be taken at entrance and exit of the construction site.
In my responsibility as chief administrative and technical officer I aim to manage this organization in a way that safeguards our reputation for technical excellence and relevance.
Pending the classification of the secret the state organ or unit where the matter has arisen shall initially take security measures in conformity with the category proposed for its classification.
The crime of maliciously voluntarily and willfully setting fire to the building buildings or other property of another or of burning one's own property for an improper purpose as to collect insurance.