Chinese-English Translation of 匿

    to hide

hide [haid]
    n.兽皮,皮革 v.剥...的皮,痛打,隐藏,掩藏,隐瞒,掩饰

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 匿

Orthostatic proteinuria or latent nephritis?
Normally in the open position the release mechanism is housed within a separate trigger chamber with inspection port.
Barring any last minute changes u.s.military officials speaking on condition of anonymity say it will place most blame for the abuses at abu ghraib on reservist guards and those who ran the prison.
This paper presents a novel electronically sealed bid protocol in distributed environment satisfying the fol-lowing6security requirements: bid secrecy anonymous bidder non-repudiated winner loser profit protection bidding ac-knowledge and fault-tolerant properties.
I am an american hiding in name is michael corleone.
The writers of poison-pen letters usually remain anonymous.
An anonymous tipster has leaked confidential government information to the press.
A local radio station received an anonymous warning twenty minutes be.fore the bomb went off.
A wordy article by a pseudonymous author on the second page of the party's mouthpiece the people's daily has just been used to deliver a message of defiance in the face of mounting public criticism of the country's economic reforms.
Thus if the inactivity physiology paradigm is proven to be true the dire concern for the future may rest with growing numbers of people unaware of the potential insidious dangers of sitting too much and who are not taking advantage of the benefits of maintaining non-exercise activity throughout much of the day.
The police arrested him after an anonymous tip off.
After a long period of occultation he again showed his face at the club.
This allows anonymous functions to be recursive.
It was the latest example of a growing phenomenon the chinese call internet hunting in which morality lessons are administered by online throngs and where anonymous web users come together to investigate others and mete out punishment for offenses real and imagined.
Self and anonymous are two examples of accounts with generic well-known sids.

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