to hope
    abbr. for Hebei 河北 province

hebei [hә'bei]

province [prɔvins]


With some practical examples of iron deposit in eastern hebei province this paper has summed up the techniqus and effectiveness of data interpretation of magnetic anomaly.
In1944 during the battle of the bulge us brigadier general anthony c.mcauliffe reportedly said "nuts!" When the germans demanded the americans'surrender.
For the rumor mongers we are taking legal actions and shall fully cooperate with police and inspection agencies to bring the unscrupulous persons to court.
When this system was tested in gao104-5well aam gao105-5well of ths jidong oil field telatively high-quality inter-borehole data of the deep oil reservoir were obtained with borehole distance of210m and at the depth of1854.1m-1890m.
I left home and went to paris hoping to find true love but life in the city offered me only dead sea fruit.
Study shows that the effect of the shock of heavy rain on an airplane in the low-level wind shear of thunderstorms is evident the flight resistance resulted from the roughness of airplane is able to change the flight track and endanger the flight safety whereas the increase in the mass of airplane caused by the water film on the airframe and its wings in heavy rain is nigligible.
Langfang jihua-trade fuels management company limited was established in2006 has been two years of coal sales history major cities headquarters in beijing have large freight yard with a total area of160447square meters each package of road freight yard with all the machinery coal unloader missing the coal and coal transport system sprinkler irrigation equipment are equipped with dedicated rail lines.
After completing his two novels "cry" and "hesitation" based on modern themes luxun attempted to depict the chinese ridge beam characters as he continued to excavate the negative national factors.
Shanghai meta precision industry co. ltd.
The mystical landscape attracts lots of modern people who seek for green dreams and wish to return to nature.
Tangshan jidong bio-chem pharm co. ltd.
I come out to you with as much hope and trepidation as when I first come out to my mother and father.
Countless miss humid mood in my pickiness tender affection high perhaps I xijizhao only futile futile wait for.
Yanqing-huailai basin is located in the convergent zone between basin and range tectonic province in the northern part of the shanxi rift valley and northwest trending zhangjiakou-penglai fracture belt existing several ne nw and near ew trending active faults.
Because there are incompletely cleavages in jidong magnetite concentrate grain and octahedron crack exists in magnetite crystal oxidation develops along octahedron crack or cleavage seam strip oxidation or reticulation texture is formed and then magnetite is oxidized to hematite completely.