Chinese-English Translation of 儒家思想


[rújiā sīxiǎng]
    Confucian thoughts
    the thinking of the Confucian school

confucian [kәn'fju:ʃ(ә)n]
    n.儒家学者 adj.孔子的,儒家的

thinking [θiŋkiŋ]

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 儒家思想

Destruction of its traditional culture is an unforgivable crime the chinese culture believed to be passed down by god confucius opened a school to teach students more than2000years ago and imparted to society the confucian ideals represented by the five cardinal virtues of benevolence righteousness propriety wisdom and faithfulness.
What confucian assumptions were involved?
Confucianism is one of the spiritual resources for us to solve the ecological crisis.
Pre-qin confucianism is the beginning of the confucian culture that is the main current of chinese troditional culture.
In the mid-qing dynasty a famous writer named shen qifeng described a magical world which hold people ghost gods together in the collection of short stories xie duo.
Based on a survey and analysis of situation ethics this essay contends that although situation ethics deviates from the orthodox christian views it appears to be christian in form and points out that it agrees with confucianism in some ways and therefore tends to be echoed among the liberals in the east as well as in the west.
This paper is a study of the theoretic the realistic and the historical causes of formation of the conservativetrend in the late qing includes the influence by confucianism the social climate after the opium war cultural absolutism xenophobia and the deep rooted mentality of antiwesternization.
Actually the book of poetry contains omnifarious original factor of confucianism becomes one of the originsof the later confucianism and ties up with the thoughts of confucianism in particular.

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