Chinese-English Translation of 伦

    human relationship

human [hju:mәn]
    n.人,人类 adj.人的,人类的,人性的,有同情心的

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 伦

You can forget about a holiday this year I've lost my job.
You can't divorce science from ethical questions.
"如果有一天晚上我站在街角,发生了事故,而我没有一把[手枪]。那可怎么办?" 特?/em>厮担辉赣盟娜?
"What happens one night if I'm standing on a corner and something
A movie star was holding court at London Airport.
We're going down to London next week.
Faith Daniels, the distaff anchor of the "CBS Early Morning News, " was ready to jump ship last week, following in the footsteps of her former sidekick, Forrest Sawyer, who skipped town last September.
"如果有一天晚上我站在街角,发生了事故,而我没有一把[手枪]。那可怎么办?" 特特说,他不愿用他的全名。
"What happens one night if I'm standing on a corner and something goes down and I don't got one?" said Trent, who would not allow his full name to be used.
"别老是那么说,我从来没叫你还钱。" 海轻轻地
"Don't keep saying that!" Helen stamped her feet lightly. "I've never asked you to pay me back."
So he moved to london in 1907 and quickly perceived that the old-established shops ( such as harrods) could do with a little shake-up.
One media investor declared "a new revulsion to naked women" in london.
"Although bankers with their fancy mbas appear to have been dumbfounded by the financial crisis regular attendees to gresham college's free public lectures in central london were not" maintained one press release this month citing a talk given in november 2002 by avinash persaud.
"Providing credit guarantees is a legitimate business area. When a business is not mature there are always potentially big risks. But if done right the credit guarantee business could be profitable" says stuart valentine a china lawyer with mallesons stephen jaques in hong kong with extensive knowledge of the business.
A career or vengeance so direful that london was shocked
"China: at the court of the emperors-unknown masterpieces from han tradition to tang elegance" is at palazzo strozzi florence until june 8th
"If an institution cannot wind down its trading book in 60 days we will have to have a discussion about why things are in the trading book at all" thomas huertas fsa banking sector director said at a forum at the london school of economics.

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