Chinese-English Translation of 会所


[huì suǒ]
    chamber; commandery

chamber [tʃeimbә(r)]

commandery [kә'ma:ndәri]

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 会所

The club has/have decided to increase subscriptions.
He's a member of several London clubs.
The area of a fair, a carnival, a circus, or an exposition where sideshows and other amusements are located.
Some groups such as the Methodists and Episcopalians have a rather strong central organization; within other groups such as the Congregationalists, each individual church is relatively independent.
A man is accepted into a church for what he believes and he is turned out for what he knows.
The club agreed to all the committee's nominations.
"The sco states express grave concern in connection with the recent tensions around the south ossetian issue and urge the sides to solve existing problems peacefully through dialogue and to make efforts facilitating reconciliation and talks" said the final declaration from an sco summit in the tajik capital dushanbe.
As mr bernanke pointed out to a house committee on tuesday it would allow the government to rip up obnoxious contracts such as aig's guaranteed retention bonuses and impose some losses on creditors and counterparties such as holders of aig's credit default swaps.
Our individualism has always been bound by a set of communal values the glue upon which every healthy society depends.
Max lawson a policy officer at oxfam describes the reneging of countries on promises they made to increase aid at the g8 summit at gleneagles in 2005 as a scandal.
The in-group conflict among roller skaters was investigated with responders'attitudes toward various types of roller skaters encountered and their perceived conflict in terms of the16interference items; skill level was investigated with self-reported skill level based on the course contents posted on the website by the chinese roller skate association; space use types include linear space and plane space.
But we do not as a rule feel a heavy personal responsibility for the afflicted and deprived for we are pretty thoroughly formed by the individualistic competitive society we live in.
This high cost message can result in low income and so seems to be tossed out the window of the church more concerned with it's own kingdom then the kingdom of god.
Old apartment building but with nice a traditional suzhou garden style and comprises of a variety of garden villas apartments office space a club house shops restaurants and sports facilities.
With unique geographical location and decoration style barbarossa will be a place where you can host various activities and cocktail parties.

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