Chinese-English Translation of 不干胶


[bù gàn jiāo]
    non-setting adhesive

adhesive [әd'hi:siv]

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 不干胶

Regardless of weaves from the specialized design and the manufacture ma weaves the belt adhesive tape india ma the color printing license does not do the rubber to paste the clothing sack the note reverted sign and so on a series of clothing supplementary material the mechanical device production raw material selection purchase all integrates us to the quality the understanding.
Price labe comply with price machine widely use for market marking.
Our main products are rotary press letter press roll to roll cnc screen press cnc inspecting& slitting machine plate making machine and uv drying machine etc.
We are serving for all works of life such as cleaning products and daily cosmetics petrochemical processing toy and stationery drugs and health food food and drink label printing as well as processing various printing handlings.
Non-dry offset paper aluminium foil riband and so on material.according to enterprise product different trademark need to choose hongfa trademark machine all use roll--install material.

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